Introduction of Bor-Bor Zan

In the 1990's, a game which played at recess started to sweep around the world.Some elementary school students of China,America,Japan and Australia has played analogous game.Some kinds of play styles started to be popular amost at the same time in some regins which are separated,the moves and motions are similar,and this game is calles Bor-Bor Zan. Bor-Bor Zan ranks as a variant of Rock Scissors Paper.The players face each other,clapping rhythmically and then showing their actions.With the actions,they shout the words of skills. Victory is defined by beating your opponent with skills.

About Bor-Bor Zan

The inventor of Bor-Bor Zan is unclear,it origined from 19th century 90s.At the start,it was popular for a long time in pupils and juniors because of simple rules and operations. This game is also popular in China,America,Japan and Australia of South Hemisphere.Combining the popular time,there is speculation from some people that it's relevant to a certain anime. As time goes on,the players from around the world add element which they like in this game,these different versions are mutual independence and also influence to each other.It results in that Bor-Bor Zan is different from the other games,widespreading,group-consistency,exchange of needed goods.

The Origin

The stele's origin is unknown,some people surmise it originated from the popular culture in 19th century 90s by the result of statistics of the high game prevalence setting and the fans' ages.

The Name

Beijing china:Pai-Pai Zan
Shanghai china:Pai-Pai Xu
America:Bor-Boe Zan
Japan:C-C Lemon,SUshi Morra

The Skills

Save gas:a gas skill
Attack:wavelet,medium wave,billow
Defense:light defence,deep defence
The players can consume gas to use the skill.

Playing Methon

Bor-Bor Zan is a turn-based game with three skills.Each player clap their hands circularly along with barking out Pai Pai Zan or other skill name.Hitting the opponent is the necessary victory condition ,and when one player's blood volume drop to zero,the game is over.

The Prospect

When you play this game,there is no request for infrastructure consruction,environment and the levels of playing skills.Play is turn-based,simple and fast,it have good prospect.Now,the card game and browser game are two adaptation of Bor-Bor Zan.

Business Volue

Bor-Bor Zan is easy to learn,turn-based playing methon makes it spread frequently between acquaintances and friends.Preformance is inclueded when we play it,combining player's imagination,various kinds of playing methons are borned.Because of low barriers to entry,spread wide,spread fast,the form of lively and easy to understand,the business volue is huge.

Bor-Bor Zan Association

International Bor-Bor Zan Association(IBZA) was founded in 2017,by the support and participation of the player all around the world,it become a legal and wholesome organization.The members voted several association officals and jointly formulate the artical of association.

International Bor-Bor Zan Association aim to spread this game,hold activities which all ages can join,encourage global amateurs to interexchange the playing methons and skills and invent new ways to play this game.At the same time,keeping up with fashion trends,it also communicate with other associations of various games regularly to improve itself. Bor-Bor Zan is a simple casual game and spread all around the wrold,defending on the funning characteristic and promoting of association mumbers.International Bor-Bor Zan gose through ups and downs several years,it's becoming more and more stronger.we are glare to welcome the lovers of this game to join us,if you can meet the requirements:

  • 1.Ardently love Bor-Bor Zan
  • 2.Coordinating your time of life and playing games perfectly
  • 3.Refuseing to copy
  • 4.Your age is turnning 16
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